Drain Tile System

Do You Need a Drain Tile System?

A drain tile system has many uses in both agricultural and construction applications:

  • Farm drainage  – Used to keep fields from oversaturation, which limits crop growth
  • Irrigation – Drain Tiles can be used to transport water as part of an irrigation system
  • Yard drainage – Similar to farming, drainage keeps water from pooling in low lying areas
  • Footing tiles around foundation – Drains water from around and beneath your basement and / or crawl space


Although Drain Tile is a common term used interchangeably, it is often referred to as:

  • French Drain, Footing Tile, Weeping Tile, Clay Tile, Tiling System, Perforated Drain, Foundation Drain and Rubble Drain, to name a few


drain tile system

Drain Tile system is available from Youngs River Trees

Although material, size and shape of the piping varies, there are common qualities:

  • Drain Tile is perforated (has holes) to allow water a point of entry
  • Immersed in a bed of stone, which facilitates drainage to the piping
  • Stone type varies, but 3/4″ washed (clean) gravel promotes the best water flow. Pea gravel or compacted stone impedes drainage due to lack of space between the stones
  • The pipe is usually round / cylindrical in shape, although there are some square or rectangular shaped drainage systems.  Shape makes no difference in the flow of water
  • Drain Tile Piping typically ranges in sizes from 2” diameter to 18” diameter
  • 4″ diameter is standard sized piping for foundation drainage systems
  • Piping is primarily constructed from plastic (PVC, ABS) or clay
  • PVC Drain Tile typically comes in 10 ft. lengths of rigid piping
  • Corrugated (ABS) Drain Tile comes in coils of flexible piping in lengths that vary from 100 ft. to 3000 ft

Call Youngs River Trees for a drain tile system assessment.

(503) 861-8618


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