Tree Pruner

Tree Pruner

If you’re looking for a tree pruner, please give Youngs River a call. We are ISA Certified Arborists ® serving all of Clatsop County. We perform tree removal, complete stump removal, pruning and just about anything that has to do with assisting you with trees on your property. We can assess if your tree might be diseased, or what the overall health of the vegetation is like around your home.tree prunerTree pruning is a necessity. It’s likely that your trees were in your neighborhood before you moved in. These trees were likely placed in the area, intending to last much longer than trees you’ll find in the forests. There are many reasons why you need to prune your trees. The lifespan of trees that are properly cared for goes well beyond that of trees in the outskirts of our community.

There are major health benefits to your trees. If the limbs should grow too heavy, the tree could be severely damaged during one of our coastal rainstorms, and may even die. But, it takes the experience of a Certified Arborist ® to prune your trees properly.

We’ve seen trees killed many times by the homeowner who meant well, but lacked the education to do the job right.

Give us a call. We’ve got the tools, employees and experience to prune your trees properly.

Youngs River Trees

(503) 861-8618


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