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Several of our clients were unaware that we offer tree removal service in Seaside. Astoria and Seaside residents have been counting on our services for years. We make ourselves available for all of Clatsop county. In fact, we have clients from Clatskanie all the way to Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

All along the coast, people have been calling upon Youngs River Trees for all of their tree service needs. From tree pruning to retaining walls, to drain lines, water runoff systems, to pruning and debris removal, we have been here.

So, does Youngs River Trees offer tree removal service in Seaside? Yes, for many years.

When is the Best Time To Remove a Tree?

The best time to remove a tree in Seaside, is when they have gone dormant (for deciduous trees), —during the winter months from December through February. Our winters aren’t too harsh, so removing branches, pruning or complete tree removal is less of an intrusion to our trees and their surrounding vegetation. The majority of our trees, however, are evergreen. As you’re aware, we get a significant amount of rainfall all along the Oregon coast. Trees are much hardier in our area, especially the evergreens.tree removal service in seaside

Oregon’s State Tree

The Douglas fir is our state tree. These magnificent giants cover our landscape. But occasionally, removal is necessary when these trees sustain wind damage, or their roots begin to encroach on the sub-structure of our homes and properties. Conifers dominate the climax forests of the coast Douglas fir. All of the climax conifers that grow alongside it can live for centuries, with a few species capable of living for over a millennium. Forests that exist on this time scale experience the type of sporadic disturbances that allow mature stands of Douglas fir to establish themselves as a persistent element within a mature old-growth forest. When old growth forests survive in a natural state, they often look like a patchwork quilt of different forest communities. Western hemlock typically dominate old-growth rainforests, but contain sections of Douglas firs, red cedar, alder, and even coast redwood forests on their southern extent, near the Oregon and California border, while Sitka spruce increases in frequency with latitude.

Common Trees to Plant in Seaside

Abies grandis – Grand Fir: These statuesque trees thrive in open, sunny areas with good drainage, and can be used as a choice ornamental specimen in parks. The needles, when handled or rustled, exude an enlivening citrus-like scent, which has helped Grand fir become a favorite, especially for Christmas Trees!

Acer circinatum – Vine Maple Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum): From a small tree to a large shrub, the Vine Maple has elegant form and texture. Airy and delicate, often multi-stemmed, this native is as beautiful as any imported species.

Rules Regarding Trees and Overhead Power Lines

Unfortunately, trees that grow near power lines can be dangerous and cause power outages. Trees are involved in approximately 30 percent of all power outages.

To prevent dangerous situations, Youngs River Trees trims and removes trees on a regular, rotating schedule, clearing branches away from power lines and brush away from rights-of-way. Sometimes this includes the complete removal of a tree that is too close to a power line. Occasionally, we have to remove a dead or dying tree, or one in danger of falling because of a shallow root system. Our purpose is to ensure your home remains safe, and your utilities remain functioning.

We follow guidelines set by the Tree Care Industry Association, a professional trade group. Our team members are certified arborists.  Additionally, the primary methods used are recommended by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Youngs River Trees has always offered tree removal service in Seaside, and we will continue to do so. We have years of experience in the tree care industry, and we have a very large list of local residents in Seaside and Astoria who will attest to the quality of our services.

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